Sell Your Timeshare

Executive Resorts Network (ERN) is dedicated to helping you with the sale or rental of your timeshare property. We do not facilitate the actual sale of the property, however, we put buyers, sellers, and renters together by maximizing our advertising to draw potential buyers and renters to our website to see your ad. 

If a potential buyer doesn’t know your timeshare is available, you will never be able to sell or rent your timeshare. The more people who see your timeshare advertisement will increase the number of successfully opportunities for the rental or resale of your timeshare.

Executive Resorts Network is an advertising company, not a real estate agent or broker, so when you sell or rent your vacation property you are not paying expensive broker fees or commissions. ERN’s advertising program involves utilizing our partners and affiliates to maximize exposure to potential buyers/renters of your vacation property. 

Through our aggressive marketing platforms and strategies, we are able to generate offers for our clients quickly and efficiently year round. Your timeshare will be exposed to millions of potential buyers/renters when you advertise with us.